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World Music & Dance Institute (WMADI)

is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that produces:

World Village Music and Dance (formerly Buffalo on the Danube): Labor Day International Music and Dance Weekend

Glen Echo Folkdancers

Special Events: Concerts, Workshops, Inaugural Ball



a house concert
Friday, April 28, 8:00 pm
At the home of Jamie & Betsy Platt  in Potomac, MD – 5-10 minutes from Glen Echo Park
Reservations, directions and other info
301.717.4641  dancingplanet@erols.com

suggested donation: $20


Winners of the 2016 Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Traditional Folk Album for “Princes et Habitants”,  Yann & Pascal started their musical journey 20 years ago, busking on the streets of Montréal. They have since played over a thousand shows in twenty countries with the Quebecois trio Genticorum, and they now return as a duo to present an intimate concert based on the close musical bond forged by years of touring together. Yann and Pascal are both master entertainers, and this format provides plenty of space for their musical personalities to shine. Pascal is a leading light in Quebec’s traditional music scene, known as much for his original compositions as his fine interpretation of traditional tunes. His fiddling, singing and arrangements are beautifully complemented by Yannʼs brilliant guitar accompaniment, and the duo's vast repertoire of traditional songs and tunes are all presented with elegance and effortless musicianship.

Learn more about them at http://www.falquetgemme.com