The Sound Guy


Sound reinforcement is an invisible art.

It's best when you don't notice it.

Jamie Platt provides high quality sound reinforcement services for concerts, dances, dance camps, festivals, and special events in the Washington, DC-area and beyond. He can provide equipment for multiple venues. His prices are very competitive. Some of his satisified, repeat customers include:






Folklore Society of Greater Washington: Washington Folk Festival, FSGW Minifest, Contrastock, FSGW concerts and dances

Capital Blues: Blues dances

DC Lindy Exchange: Swing dances

Silver Spring Town Center: concerts, festivals, special events

FootFall Dance Weekend: Timber Ridge Camp, September

Almost Heaven Dance Weekend: Camp Ramblewood, May

Friday Night Dancers: Contra dancing at Glen Echo Park

Waltz Time: Sunday afternoon waltzing at Glen Echo Park

Flying Feet Productions: Swing dances: Glen Echo Park.

Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture: special events

Florida Snow Ball: Contra dance weekend, January

Knoxville Dance Weekend (Cabin Fever), Contra dance weekend, February

Spring Dance Romance: Contra dance weekend, Ellerbe, NC

Feet Retreat: Contra dance weekend, Ellerbe, NC

Roanoke Railroader: Contra dance weekend, VA, July

World Village Music and Dance: International Music and Dance Weekend, Labor Day

Dawn Dance Contra Dance weekend (Ann Arbor, MI) February

Berea Christmas Country Dance School (Berea, KY) December

CDSS Dance Music and Spice: Michigan, August

Capital Scottish Dance Weekend

Tango Brilliante: Milangas at Glen Echo Park


Sound calendar--see links, above:



January 6: Flying Feet with Daryl Davisy

January 7: FSGW contra with Polaris

January 12: Friday Night Dance with Open Band

January 21: WaltzTime with Backroads Band

January 21: FSGW contra with Bouncers

January 26-28: Florida Snowball with Elixir and Gaslight Tinkers

February 2: Friday Night Dance with Devine Comedy

February 3: FSGW Midwinter Festival

February 4: WaltzTime with Valse Impressions

February 4: FSGW contra with Polaris

February 9-11: Cabin Fever (Knoxville) Dance Weekend with Froghammer and Toss the Possum

February 23-25: Dawn Dance (Ann Arbor) Dance Weekend with Latter Day Lizards and Alchemy

March 4: WaltzTime with Contratopia

March 4: FSGW contra with Contratopia

March 16-18: Gypsy Meltdown Dance Weekend with Notorious and Buddy System

April 7: GEPPAC swing dance with Svetlana and the Delancy Five

April 8: WaltzTime with Firefly

April 8: FSGW contra with Contrapositive

April 13: Friday Night Dance with Open Band

April 14: Flying Feet with The Natty Beaux

April 15: FSGW contra with Dead Sea Squirrels

April 20: Friday Night Dance with Ari and Mia Band

April 22: WaltzTime with Gigmeisters

April 22: FSGW contra with Squirrely Dan

April 25: International Choir at Silver Spring Town Center

April 27-29: Spring Dance Romance with KGB and Fyre

May 5: Strauss Ball with Olde Vienna

May 6: Tango Brilliante with Abaddon

May 11-12 Capital Scottish Dance Weekend

May 17-20: Almost Heaven Dance Weekend with Swallowtail, Morrison Brothers, and Devine Comedy

May 25: private event

May 26-28: English Trifle Dance Weekend

June 2-3: Washington Folk Festival

June 10: WaltzTime with Gyrations

June 16: GEPPAC swing dance with Blue Moon Big Band

June 17: FSGW afternoon and evening contra with Nova

June 22: Friday Night Dance with Sligo Creek Stompers

June 24 WaltzTime with Waltzing Stars Trio

June 24: FSGW contra with The New Hipsters

June 26: Private event at Glen Echo Park

July 5-8: Roanoke Railroader Dance Weekend with Great Bear, Toss the Possum

July 14: Flying Feet with Radio King Orchestra

July 28: Frederick contra with Summertunes

August 5: WaltzTime with Green Light Karma

August 12-19: CDSS Music, Dance and Spice Camp

August 30: Daryl Davis in Colonial Beach

August 31-September 3: World Village Music and Dance

September 7-9: Footfall Dance Weekend with The Ripples, Organic Family Band, Shandy

September 14-16: Feet Retreat with Mean Lids and Faux Paws

September 23: ContraStock with Elixir, Maivish, Wake Up Robin

October 6: Tango Brilliante with Los Otros Aires

November 3: GEPPAC swing dance with TBA

November 10: Flying Feet with Eric Felten Jazz Orchestra

December 8: GEPPAC swing dance with TBA

December 15: Flying Feet with Daryl Davis

December 26-31: Berea Christmas Country Dance School








Watch for additional music and dance events









Contra Dance Band Links (A partial listing of bands I have worked with at dance weekends and local dances. Hire these guys; they're great!!)

Atlantic Crossing

Avant Gardeners

Cabaret Sauvignon

Clayfoot Strutters

Coffee Zombies

Contra Sutra








Floor Play


Free Raisins


Giant Robot Dance


Great Bear Trio

Great Bear 6.0

Green Light Karma

Hotpoint Stringband

Ivory Boys


Latter Day Lizards

Lift Ticket

Love Mongrels


Mean Lids

Morrison Brothers Band

Night Watch



Olde Vienna (Strauss Ball)

Pete's Posse


Rhythm Raptors

Sligo Creek Stompers



Ti Acadie

Wild Asparagus





For more information, get more references, or obtain an estimate, contact Jamie .


Other Bands

Boilermaker Jazz Band

Big Boy Little

Brave Combo

Daryl Davis Band

Eric Felten Jazz Orchestra

Josh Fialkoff

Jesse Lege

Lush Life

The Natty Beaux

Michael Gamble's Rhythm Seranadors

Clarence "Bluesman" Turner

Gordon Webster



Giant Robot Dance
Spontaneous Animation

Jesse Lége & Joel Savoy
Live at Glen Echo

Brave Combo
Live at Blob's Park



High quality equipment from:

AKG --Allen & Heath--Audio Technica--ElectroVoice--JBL--K&M--Lexicon--Mackie--Marantz--Peavey--Rane--Rapco--Rode--QSC--Rice Audio--Sabine--Shure--Soundcraft--Ultimate--Whirlwind--Yamaha--and more